Netball match essay

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Netball match essay

The biomechanical principles Sunday, 15 June How can choosing the correct pass in netball improve the effectiveness and accuracy of a game? Introduction Biomechanics is a sports science field that integrates the biological and mechanical principles of an activity for the purpose of improving human movement Knudson, Understanding the biomechanical concepts of a skill is essential to improving the overall performance of that specific skill, this is done through modeling, stimulation and measurement Topend Sports Network, Passing a netball down a court using a variety of throws from one player to another appears to be a simple process that only requires speed, accuracy and distance.

The effectiveness and accuracy of passing in netball is essential for the success of the entire team. This blog examines the principles behind four of the fundamental passes in netball including the chest pass, the single arm shoulder pass, the double handed over head lob pass and the bounce pass.

The purpose of this blog is to determine how understanding the biomechanical principles and skill progressions behind the different passes in netball can allow a player to improve their effectiveness and accuracy of passing within a game.

The biomechanical principles Chest Pass To execute a successful chest pass Netball match essay netball, all of the joints in our kinetic chain extend simultaneously in a single movement Blazevich, There are two important benefits of this movement pattern. The first one is because the joints are acting simultaneously, the cumulative forces or torques generated about Netball match essay joint result in a high overall force Blazevich, The second important benefit is that simultaneous joint rotation often results in a straight-line movement at the end point of the chain i.

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A chest past is generally used to cover small distances in a netball game. This is because the push-like pattern of the pass has a slow movement speed, therefore the speed of the pass movement is restricted by the shortening of our muscles Blazevich,as seen in figure 1.

However, if a step forward is taken when initiating the pass it will contribute to forward velocity and increase the momentum in the upper body and arms, meaning the ball will move at a higher force and more accurately, also shown in figure 1. This pass requires a two handed forward symmetrical execution to optimize accuracy and efficiency of the ball.

For these reasons and contributing biomechanical factors, the chest pass is one of the most commonly used movements in a netball game, usually used to cover small and accurate distances as there is a relatively small force required for execution.

The push-like pattern of the chest pass, showing how the movement provides high levels of accuracy and efficiency Image: Single Arm Shoulder Pass In netball, the shoulder pass is often a flat, hard pass covering large distances on the court. The shoulder pass is thrown using one hand the hand behind the ballhowever, it is controlled with two hands in the motion that brings the ball up to shoulder level.

To perform this pass, the joints in the kinetic chain are required to extend sequentially one after the other, as shown in figure 2 and 3 Blazevich, This is the differentiation from the chest pass, which requires a push like simultaneous movement.

The shoulder pass requires momentum to be generated through the movement phases in order for it to be a successful and accurate pass. While this sequence is continuing, there is an increase in the extension velocity of the hand and fingers, resulting in a highball velocity. At the end of the sequence there is a flick movement of the wrist and fingers seen in figure 3which contributes to the speed at which the ball is released.

While this sequence of movements is being performed, it is helping to generate momentum that is then transferred through the production of large muscle forces. A shoulder pass is usually used for covering distances during a netball game. This is because the throw-like movement pattern is efficient in gaining distance and as a result, uses tissues that have the fastest shortening speeds, the tendons Blazevich, A tendon has high kinetic energy and stores elastic potential energy, thus when it is released it recoils very quickly at a high speed.

Hence, why the shoulder pass overarm throw is used so often in a netball game to cover larger distances Blazevich, This type of pass will have more power if a step forward is taken with the opposite foot to the hand holding the ball International Netball, n.

The follow through from the whole arm down to the fingertips is a must to ensure a strong completed shoulder pass. However, as the distance the ball needs to be thrown increases, the accuracy of the throw decreases.

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Luckily this is not an issue for the single arm shoulder pass, as the end points of the kinetic chain the hand and ball follow a curved direction and the high speed and power generated through the ball still allow the pass to be very effective for a longer distances Blazevich, The sequential pattern of the single arm shoulder pass Image: The movement phase begins with shoulder and hip rotation, elbow acceleration, wrist acceleration and finally finger and ball acceleration Image: This type of pass is not commonly used during a netball game.

When performing this skill, the force used to pass the ball will be more direct, greater and more accurate if the player takes a step forward as they release the ball seen in figure 4. This is because having a wider stance increases the base of support and therefore, the stability of the player is also increased.

Stepping forward while releasing the ball will also generate some forward velocity and an increased momentum in the upper body and the arms, hence the increase in force and accuracy. The end point of the kinetic chain for this pass would be the hand and the ball; this could potentially result in the ball following a slightly curved arc of motion.

Although this pass still uses both hands and has the potential to generate a seemingly straight forward throw, there are more elements that can affect the overall performance of the pass, making it less accurate and effective than a chest pass Blazevich, However, raising the arms for this throw will help to elevate the height of the pass and could be used as an advantage to clear the height or arms of an opponent.Essay about william shakespeare house photos rules to writing an essay game soal essay tentang hiv/aids essays about work and leisure activities.

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Netball match essay

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Netball match essay

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