How to make delhi clean

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How to make delhi clean

Click Here to Book Now Get More Information Overview There are about million street children in India who do not attend any school and spend most of their time on the streets.

In fact, there are more than children who live in and around railway stations in Delhi. They can be seen scavenging How to make delhi clean rubbish heap for a meal, sleeping between the tracks, often beaten and sexually abused, falling prey to drug peddlers and child traffickers.

Through extensive volunteer work in the street children program in India - Delhi this situation can be tried to be dealt with. Volunteers work at the various contact points or shelter homes, being run by various organizations, which serve as day care centers for these street children. A generic list of tasks to be done by the participants under this program includes work, such as; Taking informal education classes for the children Playing recreational and fun games with the children, while introducing them to different and new activities.

Help make them aware and imbibe some good habits in the children; such as, cleanliness, hygiene and greetings. On some of the days, volunteers can, also, plan a trip with the children to a museum or zoo in Delhi. Such educational trips are very useful for the children where they love spending time and playing with the volunteers.

Volunteers can assist in providing love, care, basic literacy, recreation and most importantly spend time and shower affection on them.

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Volunteer Work Schedule Volunteers joining the street children program in India are required to follow a basic routine on a daily basis. This covers everything from meals to volunteer work and back. It must be noted that every placement functions at a different pace and on separate time-lines making the schedule slightly differ at times.

A generic daily schedule for volunteers is as follows; Sunday: Arrival in Delhi Monday: Orientation session will be conducted by the local coordinator, covering topic areas; such as safety, culture, language, places to visit, behaviour, food, and other suggestion over things to do in Delhi.

Those who chose the Language and Orientation Week will carry on with the same for the entire, rest of the volunteers will begin their volunteer work from Tuesday.

Volunteer work Breakfast - Free to explore the city No meal is provide on Sunday, as volunteers are encouraged to try the local cuisines. Please note, the schedule may vary depending on the particular project the volunteer is participating on.

Living When you choose to volunteer in Delhi, we make sure that your altruistic journey is comfortable and enjoyable. As a VolSol volunteer, you will not have to worry about the airport pick up, your accommodation or your stay.

Besides these, your dining, local travel is also taken care of by us. Airport Transfer Volunteers are picked up from the Indira Gandhi International Airport by a member of the local coordinating team in Delhi.

Pickup will be provided between 6: Participants already in country or arriving early can also be picked up from a designated meeting point decided beforehand as well.

Accommodation While volunteering in Delhi you would be staying at one of our Volunteer home base in South Delhi. The accommodations are neat and clean and provide volunteers a home away from home experience.

Our homes are equipped with wifi internet, filtered drinking water, geysers, air conditioning, satellite television, modern toilets and comfortable beds. The homes are close to useful amenities like banks, ATMs, currency ex-changers, restaurants, cafes and shopping arcades.

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All placements are around 10 - 30 minutes from the homes and volunteers travel to the placements everyday and come back home in the evenings. Orientation A half day orientation will be provided by our staff on the next day after your arrival.

We cover areas like culture, greetings, locations, transportation etc. Meals Indian food is famous around the world for its diverse flavours, colors and aroma. While staying at the homes, you would be provided with freshly cooked breakfast and dinner, we have cooks at the home who prepare meals for the volunteers.

How to make delhi clean

A sample of the meals you can expect are mentioned below. Dinner - Dal lentilsvegetable, rice, roti indian breadpickle, yogurt may be provided along with some sort of provides latest news from India and the world.

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Vehicular pollution is another major cause of environment pollution. Numbers of vehicles are rising every day. Delhi has the maximum number of vehicles in the world. The poisonous . The Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment, New Delhi was established on the occasion of the World Environment Day on 5 th June The motivation for the establishment of this institution has been based on the issues of environmental education discussed in the deliberations at Founes in and later at Stockholm in followed by the workshop on Environmental Education at Belgred.

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I plan to arrive in Delhi in a few weeks i only plan to stay here a few days as i want to head to Jaipur for Holi. Trip Highlights. Experience the diverse cultural and traditional nuances of India. Visit the number of heritage sites and ancient monuments in Delhi; such as the Qutub Minar, Red Fort, India Gate, etc.

How to make delhi clean

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