Codes and conventions english essays for students

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Codes and conventions english essays for students

Genres and Conventions Visual Language: Genres and Conventions Visual genres include pictures, picture books, photographs, book jackets, posters, advertising, newspapers, maps, cartoons, comics, plays, computer games, feature films, and television programmes.

These genres can be grouped into more specific genres. For example, feature films can be westerns, thrillers, comedies, or musicals.

Tragedies and comedies are different kinds, or genres, within the broader genre of plays, and they can be usefully considered in this more specific way. Such specific genres or subgenres derive from the purpose or purposes of their makers, who have made choices just as writers or speakers make choices.

Genre categorisation is based on the experiences and perceptions of audiences, who in the case of visual language are more likely to be viewers than creators of visual language.

codes and conventions english essays for students

In fact, most of us, including our students, are much more likely to be experienced writers and speakers than film or television directors. However, it is important that students have as many opportunities as possible to produce visual language, in the same way that they have opportunities to speak and write.

The experience of production will in turn help them to understand and "read" visual language in an informed way. What is the basis of the experiences and perceptions that influence our categorisation of visual genres?

Different genres are not fixed or discrete categories. Rather, what distinguishes them from each other is the distinctive pattern of what we call conventions. Conventions can be based on what is presented, drawing on the agreed expectations that have already been established within a certain genre.

For example, if you open a kitchen drawer, you expect to find kitchen utensils, not underwear. Breaking the expected conventions creates surprise and humour or shock. If a strange creature were to appear, we would expect a dragon or a knight with the strength of ten men, but not a killer rabbit.

The arrival of a vicious rabbit instead breaks the expected conventions of the historical film genre and creates the humour.

Feature films such as westerns, thrillers, or musicals, and tragedies and comedies for stage, television, or film - all have their own conventions.

So, too, do television news programmes, documentaries, soap operas, and quiz programmes. And so do cartoons, comics, and weather information in our daily newspapers.

Although all the conventions of what is presented in one genre may not be exclusive to that genre, the pattern or combination of conventions is what distinguishes examples of one genre from another.

Other conventions are based on how something is presented.

Codes and conventions english essays about friendship

Such conventions influence our expectations, how we interpret what we view and read, and what we and our students in turn recreate and present.

For example, in a mime or drama, the performer is able to suggest, and we are able to understand, that he or she has come to a wall or is eating or drinking, even though there is no wall or food, knife and fork, or glass. We know this because of our knowledge and understanding of the conventions of mime, which enable us to read, make, and share meaning.

We explore, read, and interpret visual language in terms of our understanding of conventions. Some Conventions Common to Books, Film, and Television Conventions of narrative Many teachers and students view and study the feature film in much the same way as they do a novel because the conventions of narrative in the novel and the feature film are similar.

Our youngest students come to school with prior knowledge of many of the conventions of narrative, based on considerable experience of books, film, and television.

codes and conventions english essays for students

Both books especially novels and films often have a plot and narrative structure shaped into three main movements, similar to a three-act play. The work typically opens with one or more characters in a situation where an incident incites a conflict.

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This catalyst then sets off complications, often developing through two or three crises or particularly tense moments. The situation reaches a climax and is then resolved.

However, the structure of narratives in books and feature films differs from that in programmes made for television. Television programmes are scripted, made, and shown in segments, the length of the segments being determined by how frequent and how long the advertising breaks are.

Feature films made for continuous screening but shown on television with ad breaks inserted are consequently often interrupted at inappropriate times. Makers of films or television programmes use in-points and out-points to start and end a sequence or narrative in much the same way as writers do.THE CONVENTIONS OF EXPOSITORY WRITING Myra Kogen have appeared in English in the Two-Year College, American Literary Realism, and The Journal of Business Communication.

She is currently working on a book Teachers reading the essays of these writers find the ideas messy, undefined, undeveloped; the writing. May 29,  · Best Answer: Narrative Essays As a mode of expository writing, the narrative approach, more than any other, offers writers a Status: Resolved.

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High School English Lesson Plan: Analyzing Essays Introduction • Tell students that codes are created according to the purpose for reading and learning.

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