4 v s volume variety variation visibility

They are the building blocks of all operations, and their design will affect the performance of the whole operation and, eventually, the contribution it makes to the organisational results. Thus, pondering on processes will offer us insights as to how to achieve better results in a consistent manner. Overview Processes are the fundamental building blocks of all organisations.

4 v s volume variety variation visibility

The important issue here is that, although most types of operation process all three types of transformed resource, one is usually the most important.

It will also devote some of its resources to processing materials, for example in the way it produces meals for patients.


The main operations task of a hospital, however, is to process customers in a way which satisfies its patients, maximises their health care and minimises its costs. It is predominantly a customer processing operation.

Similarly, most operations produce some mixture of products and services. This emphasises one of the core philosophies of this text book…. The distinction between manufacturing and service is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

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Even government statistics cannot cope with the distinction any longer. For example, if you buy software on a disc it is classed as a product, but if you download it over the internet legally of course it is classed as a service.

Micro-operations and the internal customer concept The idea of a hierarchy of operations processes within an organisation is introduced in the text and has had a significant effect on management thinking over the last few years.

It has highlighted the issue of how different processes or micro-operations relate to each other within an organisation. This is sometimes called the internal customer concept. One can consider the internal customer concept and business process reengineering as being alternative approaches to solving the same problem.

This problem is that within any organisation different sections or departments find it difficult to interface with each other.

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This may be because they are too busy with their own tasks to worry about other parts of the organisation, or it may be that they have or regard themselves as having different interests and objectives.

The internal customer concept advocates that each micro-operation should identify its internal customers and internal suppliers and formally talk to them about what they need and what they can offer.

In other words, to treat internal suppliers and customers as if they were independent external organisations. In other words, the organisation should be reconfigured around these key processes.

Buffering the operation The turbulent environment in which most organizations do business means that the operations function is having to adjust continually to changing circumstances.

4 v s volume variety variation visibility

For example, a food-processing operation might not be able to predict exactly when some foods will be harvested bad weather might totally disrupt the supply to a factory for weeks.

Demand could also be prone to disruption. It can be done in two ways: Physical buffering Physical buffering involves building up a store of the resources so that any supply disruptions will initially at least be absorbed by the store.variation of trust.

Definition + Create New Flashcard; Popular Terms. Departure from the precise terms of trust agreement. Whereas the trustees cannot change any term (and are liable to be sued by the beneficiaries if they do), courts can vary the terms in the interest of the beneficiaries.

Single-parameter estimates of aerosol water content S M Kreidenweis, M D Petters and P J DeMott visibility, and direct and indirect climate forcing. Liquid water in the particle, V s to the volume of the dry particle, and it has.

May 19,  · Every company operates somewhat similar but in terms of the four (4) V’s they differ. The four (4) V’s of operational management are Volume, Variety, Variation and Visibility. Draw a 4 V’s profile for the company’s products/services Volume: High.

Although the case study does not specify the amount of production, it can be deduced that production volume is high as it has increased % since the acquisition of new large multi-cavity moulds.

The extent of over-attenuation, the loss of sugars consumed by yeast, was dependent upon the length of dry-hopping time with a total loss of °P in real extract, production of % alcohol by volume and an additional theoretical % (v/v) CO2 over 40 days of contact with hops and yeast.

The 4 which are commonly mentioned are referred to as the four V's: Volume; Variety ; Variation ; Visibility; Volume. The volume that an operation produces is important as it shapes the way the operations is organised.

If you were to look at a high volume organisation such a fast food chain which produces burgers the staff there would be.

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